Our members together represent more than 60 business districts that employ hundreds of thousands of retail, service and office employees - mostly small and medium-sized businesses - within their defined business districts, and are part of maintaining your community’s excellence and highest quality of livability.


As large as our province, as important as your Downtown.

BIABC serves both the smallest neighbourhood business association and the largest metropolitan BIA equally. Driven by a volunteer Board of BIA executive experts from all corners of the province, our non-profit membership-based umbrella organization offers every member a centralized resource for local commercial and business associations to grow, which in turn enables every BIA in BC to bloom and flourish.

Your BIABC provides unique networking opportunities, access to marketing campaigns to help businesses succeed, assists with renewal efforts, hosts annual conferences and regional strategy meetings, enables member sharing through regular electronic newsletters and is a leader in social media coverage. BIABC also provides technical BIA resources and information such as the BIA Start Up Manual, and the BIA Best Practices Manual. These invaluable resources are employed by new and established BIAs alike. 


Creating partnerships neighbourhoods grow from.

Your BIABC has forged important, beneficial and lasting partnerships with organizations like Terasen Gas, BC Hydro and Fortis BC, the International Council of Shopping Centres and the International Downtown Association. These relationships enable BIABC members to access tools that will help shape and enhance neighbourhoods, save money and source local BC solutions and perspectives using a global network of urban developers and contacts. 

BIABC is also hard at work in your hometown and in Victoria, regularly consulting, lobbying and advising provincial and civic governments on business issues, the BIA movement, on public policy and in support of individual member organizations in times of political need. Big ideas need big support – and BIABC is here to represent you.


You and BIABC: making your city and your province stronger.

Your annual membership with BIABC is more than just a networking opportunity. It is the key to supporting positive changes in our downtown cores and commercial precincts. BIABC celebrates your voice which collectively inspires community focus and enables a movement that benefits guests and engages our residents in a meaningful way, right across the province.

Join BIABC, and join our grassroots drive for economic resilience and sustainability that starts right here on the corner of your very own Main Street.


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