Williams Lake Successful Partnership with their BIA

I am writing on behalf of the City of Williams lake Council in support of the continued positive working relationship between the City and the Williams Lake Central Business Improvement Area (WLCBIA).

I understand that the WLCBIA Executive Director has had the opportunity to attend the BIABC Regional meeting in Vernon and that one of the topics included a component on municipal relationships and the Business Improvement Area's (BIA).

The partnership between the WLCBIA and the City of Williams Lake lead to the development of the Community Corner Building and the revitalization of an integral part o our downtown core. Out of this partnership also came the funding of the Camera project as well as the restoration of the Court House Square. Without the partership bewteen the WLCBIA and the City these positive success stories may not have happened.

Council is very proud of the working relationship with the WLCBIA that provides a strong framework recognizing joint areas of concerns and in doing so will help provide stability and continuity for the future.

The City of Williams lake strongly supports the working relationship between BIA's and municipalities that falls under the Memorandum of understanding (MOU) and looks forward to continuing this successful partnership.

Williams Lake, Mayor Kerry Cook

Posted by: administrator ON Thu, June 21, 2012 at 9:58:55 pm MDT


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