Everyone can lend a hand to make stronger Downtowns.

Whether you’re starting a BIA from scratch or are renewing the organization for your 10th year, partnering with local community groups is a good way to bring a kaleidoscope of engaging ideas forward for community advancement. It will give your BIA a collective traction that benefits all who participate.
Many British Columbia BIAs have incredible working relationships with not just their local government, but also their Chamber of Commerce, their social services providers, their emergency services providers (fire/rescue/ambulance), local schools and universities, service clubs like the local Rotary or Kiwanis, to hospitals, sports clubs, arts councils as well as with community industry leaders that may not be a part of the core BIA membership.
Your BIA partnership ‘tent’ should be as big as you can make it – with plenty of room for more groups who ultimately want to help your business district thrive. By partnering with these diverse yet connected providers, your organization can help them succeed too.
From lending a hand when you need extra help on activating community vision, in soliciting opinion and finding positive solutions for social issues in your downtown core, for support of new plans to incentivize your district or your business categories – your community partnerships pay off in rewarding, interesting and wonderful ways. Giving back has its benefits.
BIABC also introduces and provides partners that individual BIAs can utilize for individual member and community gain. Industry leaders such as Fortis BC, BC Hydro, and IDA can give your BIA the tools it needs to realize its strategic plans and objectives. This is one of our most prized roles – to facilitate your BIA’s advancement.
Be sure to reach out to as many community partners as possible. If you need some suggestions for partners or would like to be introduced to some of our provincial partners, please call us at 888-865-6580 or email us at info@bia.bc.ca.


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