Strathcona BIA
Argo Café Sustainability initiatives


As we discuss environmental sustainability we need to recognize this is one of the four pillars in the discussion of sustainability as a whole. These include social sustainability and cultural sustainability. The forth element/pillar that underpins the three is economic sustainability. Healthy commercial centers support healthy neighbourhoods, towns, cities, provinces, countries, etc. Of course the four elements are interrelated and businesses bottom lines can be positively impacted by good environmental practices but the investment in social and cultural infrastructure relies not only government funding but also on private investment. Job creation an important aspect of political policy relies on economic health. Therefore, an investment in good business practice and in the infrastructure and business environment is important as we move forward with sustainable practices. We must not lose sight of the interdependence of these four pillars and advance one at the cost of the others. BIABC and BIAs are important advocacy tools for businesses in BC to ensure that business issues are kept in the forefront and that the health of our business community is given equal weight with the goals of environmental and social change as well as cultural support.


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