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reCYCLISTS is a bicycle-based compost program offering an environmentally friendly, pollutant-free compost collection service for downtown businesses. Because downtown businesses can be serviced with pedal power, our partnership with reCYCLISTS can provide our membership with compost pick up at sustainable rates.

reCYCLISTS will provide regularly scheduled compost pick up for businesses within the boundaries of the DVBA using a specially designed and distinctively branded pedal-powered tricycle piloted by members of the DVBA Clean Team. This specialized reCYCLISTS trike will carry close to 200 kilograms of compost per load and will pick up from participating businesses on a regular schedule. Participating businesses will be provided with a small table top container and a large 48 litre container.

The compost is beneficially recycled into a natural medium that directly supports pesticide-free gardening, water conservation and greenhouse gas reduction. The reCYCLISTS program officially begun on Tuesday, September 21st, and is currently an exclusive offer to businesses within the DVBA boundaries.

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In 2009, BIABC in partnership with BC Hydro launched a bulk buy LED Exit Sign Program among BIABC members. The program was designed to encourage BIABC member businesses to change their exit sign bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs. Every business is required to install an exit sign over their doors. For approximately $10.00 a business could change over their current incandescent and/or compact florescent light bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs. BC Hydro introduced the concept to BIABC at the 2008 BIABC Conference.

The Collingwood BIA introduced the program to it's members in 2009. Businesses were encouraged to participate in the program in order to save approximately $26.00 annually in electricity per sign. In addition, the LED Exit Sign bulbs last years longer and require fewer replacements. Several businesses took advantage of BC Hydro's PIP Program (Power Incentive Program) and retrofitted other lights in their business to energy efficient lights and will realize thousands of dollars in savings over the course of several years.

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